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Sale ended, I'm sorry you missed this one... 

Let's create an amazing 2021!

3 Day Sale and Celebration! 

Let's ring out 2020 and ring in 2021 with abundance, love, transformation, and prosperity for all!

3 days only: save 60 - 77% off these programs to help your heart-centered business take off NOW -- so you can soar high in 2021!

Be sure to check out all of these Soulpreneur Success offers, including the special bundle below!

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This is a digital program, device not included.

(Included in the 3-in-1 Soulpreneur Package, see below)

Save 66% off "Referrals Made Easy: 5-Day Business Breakthrough!"

Client referrals are 4 times more likely to choose to work with you than leads from any other source!
But most people feel stuck, awkward, or "needy" asking for them -- so they just don't. Client referrals are like the gold in your own backyard you just aren't digging up!

In this training created specifically for heart-centered entrepreneurs, you'll actually clear away those hidden blocks that are holding you back from getting TONS of amazing referrals, people predisposed to like and trust you, and interested in working with you. You'll get everything you need to turn your heart-based business into a referral-generating machine!

"I love the Heart Centered approach that takes the "pushy" feeling out of the process for me!"
$297, now 77% off, only $67

This is a digital program, device not included.

(Included in the 3-in-1 Soulpreneur Package, see below)

Save 66% off "Raise Your Prices with Confidence"  

My best strategies to communicate new pricing to existing clients, without losing any of them! Includes video training and step by step workbook, as well as sample emails!

Wanting to charge more for your amazing services, and holding back because you're afraid you'll lose clients?
This one fear can keep you locked into undercharging for your services for years, creating frustration and self doubt --- and costing you thousands (or more!) over time!
You deserve to be paid very well for the great value you provide. Learn how to powerfully and simply re-position you and your offerings so that you finally get paid as you should -- by existing and future clients!
Includes sample emails for communicating price increases with confidence and clarity!
$197, now 66% off, only $67

(Included in the 3-in-1 Soulpreneur Package, see below)

Save 73% off "Irresistible Testimonials Made Easy!"

Having tons of amazing testimonials is like having your best clients out there marketing for you every day! 
BUT... ever have someone promise you a great testimonial and then... ... it never arrives? 
This simple, step by step training will show you EXACTLY how to quickly, easily, and reliably get all the fabulous, compelling testimonials you could ever want... and how to use them to get more clients fast and consistently.
And it's so much easier than you think!
*Includes step by step training guide, and lifetime access to the detailed Q&A video training!
$247, now 73% off, only $67

This is a digital program, devices not included.

Can't choose? Get the"3-in-1 Soulpreneur Package"  and save even more on all three of the above offers:

Get all three, Referrals Made Easy, Raise Your Prices with Confidence, and Irresistible Testimonials Made Easy and take off in 2021! 

Now just $179, save an additional $22 on top of the original savings

Save 64% off Soulpreneur Success Academy Membership!

MENTORSHIP, COMMUNITY, and ENERGETIC CLEARING OF INNER BLOCKS make all the difference -don't try to create your business on your own, trust me, that doesn't work!
These live monthly calls are your opportunity to
pick my brain, ask me anything, get coached on your best ways to find and sign more clients, get more referrals, overall strategy, and more...
...AND connect with other like-hearted entrepreneurs 
... AND get the live expert energy clearing to remove your hidden blocks to success, visibility, sales, and more!
These live calls happen on the second Thursday of every month, and as an active member you get access to all of the recordings of previous calls too!
$157 per month, now 64% off, only $57 -- lock in your price for as long as you are a member!

Save 66% off Private 1-1 "Get More Yesses!" VIP Experience

Spend a half day one-to-one with me, and we'll do the deep and powerful work to boost your business now, set you up for an amazing 2021, and get you all the Yesses you need to create the truly successful heart-based business you want! This time could include perfecting your sales conversations, creating a powerful marketing message, doing intuitive energetic clearing work, and more! 

$2900, now 76% off, only $700

Especially for Moms:

This is a digital program, device not included.

Save 70% off "5 Day Stress Detox for Moms"

Being a Mom is a wonderful thing, but let's face it, it's also super challenging and I don't know any mom who isn't dealing with stress, especially this year.
But it doesn't have to be so hard!
Stop stress in its tracks in just seconds, with 5 simple, powerful, and mom-tested tools!

"The best part is feeling empowered by the knowledge that stress and anxiety don't have to control me. I can take back my control of my life, something I feel has been gone for so long!"
"I haven't played or spent so much quality time with my kids in a while... I have always been a laid back person and I get along with others easily, but I realize that I haven't felt myself for quite a while. I feel I am coming back to who I really am!"
$97, now 62% off, only $37

Save 70% off "Calm Mom: Beyond Stress Relief to Lasting Balance and Peace"

Does this sound familiar?
“My anxiety beats me before I even get started...”

“I have a thousand things going on in my head but I can’t seem to get just one of them finished. I have a short fuse and get irritated at the littlest of things. I’m completely exhausted.”
The Calm Mom program contains the most powerful energetic techniques I know for shifting your inner state even at your most overwhelmed, helping you calm even severe anxiousness in just minutes, so you can come back to yourself and be the Calm Mom you want to be -- for yourself, for your kids, and for everyone who loves you! These tools include
• Clearing your own energy field of negative energy
• Grounding in just seconds
• Shielding yourself from negative energy and energetic attacks
• Re-setting your inner state in less than a minute
• Strengthening and raising the vibration of your energy field
• and more!
"Reaction time for triggers is a lot less and a lot slower. More likely for things to just roll off my back. I have a Pause that I never used to have, so I can take a breath and not just react. That has been amazing!"
“The videos were amazing in helping me shift situations that have always been super stressful for me -- like conflict and confrontation – right in the moment. It’s amazing to know that I don’t have to be afraid of those situations anymore, I have the tools to shift them -- shift myself! --right on the spot.”

$297, now 71% off, only $87

This is a digital program, device not included.

In purchasing any of these products, I agree to receive my purchase(s) digitally as well as follow-up tips & communication. I can cancel at any time.

Please note that because these special offers are so drastically discounted, there are no refunds for any reason, including the timing of the live calls. The Irresistible Testimonials Live call will be recorded and you will have ongoing access to the recordings!

These special offers are available December 29 - 31 2020 only, so if this is for you, act now!


You're invited to the

New Year's Soulpreneur Community Party and Energy Clearing! 

Thursday December 31st, 1 - 2:30 PM Eastern Time (US).

Let's gather together to transform and elevate this crazy year of 2020 on its way out, with sharing, fun, and energy clearing! And we'll launch ourselves beautifully into 2021 with clarity, love, abundance, and community!


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