Soulpreneur Success Mastermind

Join us! Soulpreneur Success Mastermind  

Turn your Healing Gifts and Passion for Helping Others into a Thriving Soulpreneur Business

You have such wonderful gifts, and a heart made for healing and transforming the lives of others…

Your intuitive wisdom, your skills of listening – with both your heart and mind – your commitment to improving the lives of others through deep transformational healing, are so important and needed.

Can you feel the shift… you are now allowing yourself, deep within, to recognize that what you have to offer has immense and life-changing value, and no one else does it quite like you.

Your gifts and insights and skill come from the unique journey and experiences of your own life, and can’t be duplicated by anyone else!

You also know that the flow of energy working at its highest vibration means you deserve to be compensated well when you make your extraordinary difference in the lives of others through your healing work.

Healers like you who have stepped into their own value and owned their magnificent gifts… taking the step from Healer to Healer and Soulpreneur… are turning their skills and loving care into tens of thousands and even over $100,000 healing businesses…

… and making the difference in the world that feeds their heart and soul, every day.

Now it's your turn to become a Healer Soulpreneur, and your next step is essential. 

I understand that making the commitment to a year-long mastermind is a significant step for you.

I remember being where you are now. Each time I had a choice to make on this journey, an opportunity to step into my own power, to believe in myself and the value of what I do, to actually invest in and say yes to Myself…

… each time I was afraid, and I had so many “reasons” why I should stay small and play safe – that’s why I had to find my courage, just like you.

Like you, I finally saw in myself everything that was worth being courageous for, and I listened to my deepest and most highly guided intuition, sourced by love and courage rather than fear. I can tell you that every time I listened to that higher inner source, trusted myself, invested in myself, and acted decisively, it has paid me back in both income and true joy and fulfillment, in ways beyond what I even hoped for.

Join us! Soulpreneur Success Mastermind  

Soulpreneur Success Mastermind is what I designed specifically for you, with everything that would have made it so much easier for me when I was starting out! 

I designed it to have the perfect blend of…

  • Inner transformation and healing support
  • Healer focused business strategy
  • Heart-Centered Soulful Sales skills mastery
  • Technical support
  • Social media and copywriting support and expertise
  • Personal time mastery
  • High touch hand holding
  • and a truly high vibration and inspiring community that has your back, every time.

We’ll guide you in creating the healing business that’s the perfect expression of the difference you want to make in the world, and the income you desire to live the life you want and deserve.

You’ll be joining an inspiring and empowered group of healers who are stepping out and living their life’s purpose, all supporting each other in the perfect “container” of possibility, guidance, and committed action.

And we’ll celebrate and support you every step of the way! Each person’s journey to success in the Soulpreneur Success Mastermind is unique to them, and that will be true for you too!

We honor your unique journey and help you move forward without trying to fit you into a rigid schedule – when you get stuck, or feel lost, or don’t know what to do, we are at your back 100% of the way, to help you on the best path for you.

If you “disappear” and go into “Healer Hiding” mode, we’ll notice, we’ll reach out, with no judgement or expectation – but you’ll always know we’re there, we have your back, and we’ll help when you’re ready.

Are you ready to turn your healing wisdom, skill, passion, and commitment to transform lives, into a profitable business that allows you to make the big difference you are here to make?

Are you ready to step into the new vision of your future as a sought-after and successful Healer with a thriving Soulpreneur business?

Join us in the Soulpreneur Success Mastermind

Join us! Soulpreneur Success Mastermind  

Why Join the Soulpreneur Success Mastermind?

Turn your extraordinary healing work into a real Soulpreneur business that supports YOU doing what you love – so you can support others!

Be part of an empowered Community of Fellow Healers

Get the Systems in place to run your business for you

Make the Big Difference You’re Here to Make and Help Way More People Transform Their Lives

Stay in the Flow and in Action with the right Inner Game Healing Support Every Step of the Way

Get the Tools, Healer-focused Strategies, and Personal Time Mastery Skills to Make It All Happen… your vision is waiting for you!

Over the next 12 months, my team and I are going to support you in all of these ways…

  • Jump in with your Group Vision and Roadmap Workshop!
  • One to One 1 hour call with Ann, to dive even deeper into your personal Vision and Roadmap and get you started off powerfully
  • Monthly Group Heart-Centered Sales Calls with Ann
  • Monthly Group Marketing Skills and Strategy Calls with Marketing Coach Ginny Parsons
  • Monthly Group Q&A Calls with Ann
  • Six 45 minute 1-1 Coaching / Healing Calls with Ann
  • One “Personal Time Mastery” workshop
  • Twice Monthly 1-1 Touchstone Calls to support you every step of the way
  • Three 2 day Virtual Mastermind Immersions
  • Twice Monthly Healers’ Copywriting Calls with Rob Fortier
  • Twice Monthly Social Media and Story Calls with Katja Rusanen
  • Twice Monthly Healing and Intuitive Development Calls with Maggie Salter
  • Exclusive Soulpreneur Success Mastermind Facebook Group
  • BONUS: 12 month Access to the Soulpreneur Success Mastermind Library (access to all of Ann’s trainings!)
  • BONUS: 15 hours of 1-1 technical support from our team
  • BONUS: "Spring into Soulful Success!" live in person three day retreat, in Spring 2024! 
  • BONUS: "Fall Into Abundance" live in person three day retreat, in Fall 2024!
  • BONUS: Be featured in an episode of "The World of Energy Healing" on EnergyHealing TV
  • BONUS: Embodied Wealth Expansion -- One Day Group Immersion Experience with Danielle Marggraf
  • BONUS: Two Day Workshop - "Transform Your Business with Group Programs"

How to join the Soulpreneur Success Mastermind

  • Get in touch with your big vision and the difference you are here to make
  • Tune into your deep intuition
  • If needed, speak with one of my support team in the Support Center (link on Dashboard)
  • Make a decision
  • Submit your $997 Commitment Fee by  3:30PM ET Wednesday May 22 
  • Fill out the Agreement right away (you’ll receive the link after you submit your commitment fee)

Celebrate your commitment to yourself and your vision!

Join the Soulpreneur Success Mastermind:  

Trying to decide between Soulpreneur Success Mastermind


Soulpreneur Success Mastermind Amethyst?

Amethyst is for you if you…

  • have a foundation for your business already and want to move faster and get the expert help to get to Successful Soulpreneur sooner!
  • want the extra support to create programs and promote them as effectively as possible
  • want more of Ann’s feedback and “eyes on” your programs, marketing, and offerings, to help them “sell like hotcakes!”
  • want extra healing and/or coaching time 1-1 with Ann
  • can see the value of Ann promoting your programs and offerings to her list in the next year!

How to join Soulpreneur Success Mastermind Amethyst

  • Get in touch with your big vision and the difference you are here to make – what’s really there for you?
  • Tune into your deep intuition
  • If needed, speak with one of my support team in the Support Center
  • Make a decision
  • Submit your $997 Commitment Fee by 3:30pm ET on May 22
  • Fill out the Agreement by 6 ET on Wednesday May 22 (you’ll receive the links after you submit your commitment fee)

Soulpreneur Success Mastermind Amethyst - Join Now!

Soulpreneur Success Mastermind Amethyst includes everything in the Soulpreneur Success Mastermind, PLUS:

  • Six additional 1-1 calls with Ann for more individualized support, healing work, and more of Ann’s eye (and heart) on what you are creating
  • Three 3 hour “Special Topic” workshops – potential topics include creating your most powerful programs, how to create and build an email list to support your business, using social media, facilitator training for working with groups, and more
  • Monthly Amethyst group mentoring calls with Ann – small group training with your fellow Amethyst members
  • One deep 2 hour 1-1 program review with Ann, to help you create and deliver your own amazing program!
  • Solo email to my list (5K+) to promote you or your program, when you’re ready! (we will help you get you ready :-) )

Soulpreneur Success Mastermind Amethyst - Join Now!