The Soulpreneur Success Code: Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you as a healer and heart-centered soulpreneur, ready to answer your soul’s calling to make your unique difference in the world, and we do that by...

transforming your relationship to sales and selling your amazing offerings from one of fear, struggle, and failure to ease, authenticity, and joy

Illuminating the Soulpreneur inner and outer journey, so that you can see your own extraordinary path clearly and have all the tools, resources, and knowledge you need

supporting and guiding you to identify and heal the inner blocks and limits that are holding you back, so that you can create your most authentic expression of soulful and heart-centered success, doing the work you love to do!

I'm Ann Hession, heart-centered sales expert and intuitive energy healer and coach.

I’ve been a medical intuitive and energy healer for over 30 years, and I’m a sales expert who’s personally sold millions of dollars of products and services in heart-based one-to-one sales conversations. This unique combination of skills, experience, and understanding is how I built my own 6 figure energy healing practice, and how I've helped hundreds of soulpreneurs to expand and grow their businesses through my coaching and programs.

Over years of experience, I figured out how to offer heart-centered offerings, like healing, coaching, and more in ways that feel aligned and authentic, and I'm here to teach you how, so you can confidently and easily grow your business without ever feeling fake, pushy, or salesy! 

To enhance your soulpreneur journey and get started with heart-centered sales, start with this free gift to you: Sales Conversation Secrets: Heart-Centered Sales ... made simple!

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