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Soulful Sales Code Program:

6 Figure Sales Skills For Soulpreneurs!


"Transform Your Business

with Group Programs"

Live Two Day Online Workshop!


Yes, Ann, I’m ready to make this my year to shine and create the Healing business I want!

I understand that with the Soulful Sales Code 5 week program I have the special opportunity to work with you to get…


Weekly Inner-Transformation Group Healing and Coaching Sessions ($1200 value)

Weekly live group Coaching and Energy Healing/Clearing calls with me, your dedicated Intuitive Energy Healer and Heart-Centered Sales Coach! I will be coaching you on how to best and most effectively use ALL the new skills you’ll be learning, helping you practice with other participants in a safe, supportive, and transformational environment, and every week we will identify and permanently clear away the biggest blocks holding you back from business and sales success!

Worth the price of the whole program…

The very first energy clearing we did in the program made all the difference for me. Although it was done in a group, everything Ann cleared felt like it was just for me. Her intuition was amazing! It cleared up this huge black cloud I didn’t even know I was in. That one clearing alone was worth the price of the whole program.

~ Gloria Goodwin

Soulful Sales Code System: Video Training Modules including:

  • The Inner Game and Outer Game of sales
  •  Secrets to Unstoppable Confidence
  • Sales and the Subconscious
  • Sales Skill Fundamentals
  • The Power of Intention
  • Finding Need and What They Really Want
  • Story Selling
  • Creating Rapport
  • Powerful Questions
  • Building Value
  • Starting conversations
  • Asking for referrals
  • Making Invitation / Offers
  • How to meet people “where they are”
  • And more!
  • ($1997 value)
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    Success rate went from 42% to 76%!

    I loved the approach of this program that focused on the inner game as well as sales skills. I’ve had a lot of sales training before, but the way Ann teaches was really different, relaxed, not like a formula but fluid, and that helped me see sales in a different light, especially how we worked with intention. That was one of my biggest lightbulbs, and I’ve already seen results from it in easier, more effective sales. In fact, I’ve closed more sales on the first try than I did before the program. My closing ratio was at 42% previous, and it's 76% during/after the program!

    ~ Lori Y

    It couldn’t be easier!  

    This new approach has been 100% successful...  I can tell you that I now know what "SOLD" is and my clients are feeling it! I have totally changed my approach to new client consultations, eliminating all of the effort I used to put into our first meeting. I now simply spend the time getting to know them and their needs and moving through the flow like  Ann taught us. This new approach has been 100% successful in clients booking a session with me and purchasing multiple session packages. It couldn't be easier! I cannot thank Ann enough for her depth of knowledge, creativity, inspiration, and for putting together such an amazing program.

    ~ A. Wentz


    Exclusive “Soulful Sales Code” Facebook Group

    A private Facebook group exclusively for you and other heart-centered entrepreneurs in the Soulful Sales Code program. This is where you can safely share and be supported and offer support with other solopreneurs and heart-based entrepreneurs as we create breakthrough after breakthrough together!

    Everyone was there to support everyone else… such a safe and caring space...

    The people in the program were all just amazing too, vulnerable and caring, and I loved that there was such a variety of experience that people came in with, and everyone was there to support everyone else.

    I actually adored doing the practice calls with a buddy, and that really surprised me! But it was such a safe and caring space that I felt okay to be a klutz at first, and to just play and find my way with it.

    ~ A. McAdam

    Expanding Sales Success For Life

    Lifetime access to all training modules AND recordings of clearing and coaching calls!


    I love that I can keep going back and reviewing the training to get better and better!

    ... the training helped me see how I can build value for people, help them see the benefits and that it truly isn’t expensive once they understand all the ways it’s helping them. I realized that my main focus needs to be follow-up, and learning how to do that really well – that’s what will make the biggest difference for my business. That clarity is one of the things I appreciate the most, and I love that I can keep going back and reviewing the training to get better and better!

    ~ Tami Y

    Plus, I’ll get these extra bonuses when I join today:

    BONUS #1: 

    Raise Your Money Thermostat! LIVE Group Energy Healing

    This powerful group session is specifically designed to clear away -- for good! -- limiting beliefs and blocks that are having your personal “money thermostat” set too low! Have you noticed that you always seem to stay within a certain range of income, no matter what you do to try to change that? On this powerful group call, rather than focusing on sales, we’ll reset your overall money thermostat to allow increased abundance and prosperity into your life! ($250 value ... or priceless if you think about it!))

    BONUS #2: 

    Six months of Soulpreneur Success Academy 

    Join me and your fellow Healers and Soulpreneurs at this live monthly Q&A and Healing call, where you can "Ask Me Anything!" about your business, and get deep energetic group clearing work, to clear away those blocks that hold us back, and leave you free, clear, and empowered!

     (6 months -- $942 value)

    BONUS #3:

    Irresistible Testimonials Made Easy 

    Bonus live group call and downloadable, step by step Irresistible Testimonials training document will train you how to quickly, easily, and reliably get all the fabulous, compelling testimonials you could ever want... and how to use them to get more clients fast! ($247 value)

    BONUS #4:

    (2) VIIIP Tickets to the next Soul'd Live Event!

    Yes, join us VIIIP for the next live online Soul'd! event in Spring 2023 ($388) value)

    BONUS #5: 

    Perfect Price Point: 5 Steps to Aligned and Irresistible Pricing! 

    Confused or struggling with charging the “right” amount for your amazing offerings? Need a proven system now, so you can break through and be well-rewarded for the incredible difference you make? You're not alone! Perfect Price Point™ is a fast and powerful 5 step training, designed specifically for heart-centered business owners just like you! ($297 value)

    Total Value: $5321


    this special Soul'd Bundle also includes the LIVE Two Day Workshop, led by Ann Hession...

    "Transform Your Business with Group Programs"

    (including lifetime access to the recordings and workbooks!)

    Workshop full price: $597

    Total Bundle value: $5918

    Your price: $1197

    or 3 payments of $477 

    or 5 payments of $319 

    Soulful Sales Code Program starts the week of December 12 -- let's make 2023 your year to shine!

    Are you ready to finally break through the blocks that have been holding you back, and take this powerful step to create the Healer Soulpreneur business that will support you in doing the work you love? Maybe even making it a 6 figure business like I did?

    Are you ready to go from frustration, insecurity, and anxiety around sales, to confidence, clarity, authenticity, and success?

    Are you ready to meet the authentically successful, effective, and unstoppable YOU you know you can be?

    Total value: $5427

    Your price: $1197 

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