Get Your Heart-Centered Business to 6 Figures and Beyond -- Fast!

6 Figure Sales Skills for Your Heart Centered Business!

Is it really possible to be yourself, and close TONS of sales, without feeling fake, pushy or salesy?

Yes! And you’re about to discover how….

Why is it that so many smart, passionate, committed solopreneurs, coaches and healers, with amazing products and services, still REALLY struggle with getting new clients and customers... 

...and end up doubting themselves and feeling they'll never create the success they want with their business... ?

Hello awesome heart centered business owner,

If you've ever struggled to turn interested people into paying clients and customers -- and realize that sales and selling are the lifeblood of your business --  how would you like to turn that struggle and failure into celebration and success -- for good?

I'm going to show you exactly what's holding you back and making sales feel yucky and uncomfortable -- (I know that sounds weird, but I promise, while I may not know you, I do know what’s holding you back) -- but before I can, there are a few important questions for you to answer…

Is there a part of you that feels like in order to get new clients or customers, you have to become someone you're not? (and that you don't want to be!)

Have you ever felt like you just *suck* at sales, and are so uncomfortable in a "potential new client" situation you just want to crawl in a hole?

Have you even done some sales training, but whenever you try to put it into practice, it just doesn't feel like you? 

Did you ever have a bad experience where, the harder you were trying to be authentic and non-salesy, the more fake and salesy you felt?

Have you started thinking that sales will always feel awful and uncomfortable, and wondering if it’s worth it to continue trying?

Then I want you to know something really important:

This is not your fault.

You’ve been “sold” a story about who you have to be to “make a sale” and it’s not true!

I'm Ann Hession, and I'm a heart-based entrepreneur just like you. I've created several successful businesses and a solid six-figure+ income, and becoming confident and effective at selling was one of the essential skills I had to acquire along the way.

But here’s the cherry on top -- that I never expected! I went from hating sales to enjoying it -- and selling a lot more -- by discovering that sales isn’t what I thought it was at all.

Sales for me has become a connection, a celebration, a way to help everyone win, a way to serve, a way to inspire, and a way to make the world a better place.

Wouldn’t you love it if that’s how it were for you?

It can be! (And on the off chance that “loving sales” sounds way too good to be true, how about if it could just not feel yucky? Read on, I’ve got you covered...)

I've sold millions of dollars worth of products and services for my own and others' companies, and here's the most important thing I've learned along the way:

There's an inner game and and outer game when it comes to succeeding at sales.

The Outer Game has to do with understanding how sales works, and learning certain skills, like how to ask questions, focusing on benefits vs features, finding the right language, creating rapport, and so forth -- all very important!

The Inner Game is about what's holding you back, the limiting beliefs you don't even know you have, self doubt, fears, and bad experiences from the past that keep you from being effective with those skills -- and that's even MORE important. That's the part that has you feeling and acting fake, salesy, and yucky.

The subconscious belief that was running me, and blocking my success for years:

Here's a part of my own story...

About 5 years ago, I had my own coaching business, and I had the all-too-common experience of most coaches, with income going up and down, never as many clients as I wanted, working for less than I wanted… sound familiar? I had done some great sales training, too, and I “understood” sales really well, but still I wasn’t signing up new clients the way I wanted and needed to.

Then I uncovered a powerful subconscious block that had been RUNNING my financial and business life for over ten years.

I realized that ten years earlier, I had created a hidden belief that if I became really successful and made a lot of money, my husband would feel that he didn’t have to, and I wasn’t okay with that! (No judgement, please -- remember this was all happening in my subconscious!)  In a nutshell, the belief boiled down to:

“If I make a lot of money, and my husband is happy about it, I’ll end up resenting him, BUT, if I make a lot of money, and he's not happy about it, then he will be resenting me -- so no matter what, if I make a lot of money, it will ruin my marriage.” 

I'll never forget the moment when I saw that -- I had NO idea that was going on in the background, but it explained perfectly what had been happening for over ten years -- I would keep getting to a certain income, and then something would always happen, and I'd have to start over. Again.

Every time I was trying to sell, no matter how perfect the situation and no matter how much I could help someone, that limit around earning money was there in the background, shutting me down, making me ineffective. 

I cleared that limiting belief then and there -- yes, it's possible to clear it just like that (more about that later!) -- and what happened was amazing. In less than a month, my income more than doubled, and I finally reached a monthly income goal I had been chasing for years. And what's more, in the five years since then, my monthly income has not once gone down below that goal I had chased for so long. (In fact, many times I've made double that or more!)

How did that happen? By making sales, of course!

That’s right, I worked on my Inner Game (by transforming that belief), and the sales results showed up right away. A short time after that belief shift, I met with the biggest potential client I’d ever had, and for the first time, I wasn't unknowingly being hamstrung by that belief, running me in the background. I signed them up, immediately more than doubling my income! Since that day, that same client has paid me over $300,000, and still going.

That’s how I discovered the secret code to selling success:

To succeed, you have to - have to - have to be working your Inner Game at least as much as your Outer Game.

I've met so many brilliant, passionate, gifted and committed mompreneurs and solopreneurs -- coaches, healers, and others, for whom this ONE thing is the single biggest block to building the business of their dreams. And I know from my own pain and struggles how hard, discouraging, and soul-sucking it is to be trying every day, knowing you have so much to contribute to the world, and just not being able to sell what you do or offer to the amazing people you want so much to help.

I've had many people over the years ask me how I do it, how have I sold millions of dollars worth of products and service over just the past five years -- and actually enjoyed doing it! -- and how they can learn to do it too. 

Finally, I’ve packaged the most powerful aspects of what I've learned into a simple step-by-step system:


The Soulful Sales Code

6 Figure Sales Skills for Your Heart Centered Business

The Soulful Sales Code is a 5-week program to train you in the heart and value-based system of sales that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with.

Over the past 23 years, I’ve developed the skills and inner work that helped me sell over $4MM of products and services over the past five years alone.

...And now I’m passing it on to you.

Transform your experience of sales and selling from frustration, failure, and "yuckiness" to confidence, clarity, success, and 6 figure results! 

This 5 week LIVE online course combines both "Outer Game" sales training essentials that EVERY entrepreneur needs to know, with "Inner Game" transformation. 

Identify and permanently clear away the biggest limiting beliefs and other subconscious limitations that have you tongue-tied on calls, anxious to talk about price, or even just reluctant to put yourself out there at all.

These are the exact tools, techniques, and personal transformation steps that helped me sell millions of dollars of products and services over just the past 5 years, and that I use every day to continue to grow my business!

Here's exactly what you will get in The Soulful Sales Code: 

6 Figure Sales Skills for Your Heart Centered Business:


Weekly Inner-Transformation Group Healing and Coaching Sessions

Weekly live group Coaching and Energy Healing/Clearing calls with me, your dedicated Intuitive Energy Healer and Heart-Centered Sales Coach! We will identify and permanently clear away the blocks holding you back from business and sales success including:

  • subconscious limiting beliefs about money, wealth, sales, and success!
  • trapped emotional baggage stuck in your body at the cellular level
  • cascades of emotions that cause your stress and discouragement to escalate out of control
  • Inherited limiting beliefs and patterns from before you were even born (family blockages)
  • emotional trauma/beliefs you may have absorbed or taken on from others ($1000 value)

Heart-Centered Sales System: Video Training

Each week, you’ll get a new short and high impact video module teaching you powerful new skills and techniques, addressing both the "Outer Game" sales skills and the "Inner Game" of self-discovery and mastery, giving you multiple ways to transform your sales and business every day. You will have the opportunity to practice and get coached on using these techniques inside our LIVE group sessions to help you develop skill and mastery!   ($1997 value)



Exclusive “Soulful Sales Code” Facebook Group

A private Facebook group exclusively for you and other moms in the Soulful Sales Code program. This is where you can safely share and be supported and offer support with other solopreneurs and mompreneurs as we create breakthrough after breakthrough together! You’ll continue to have access to this private group -- even after the program -- and this continued community, support, and connection with other heart centered entrepreneurs focused on contribution, positive action, solutions, and success can always be a wellspring of inspiration for you when you need it the most! (priceless)

Expanding Sales Success For Life!

Lifetime access to the weekly video trainings, so you can continue to work with these simple but powerful techniques long after the 5 weeks of the program, to continue to develop mastery for the rest of your life



BONUS Heart-Centered Sales Training Module: Heart-Centered Follow-Up for More Yesses!

Follow up is one of the most important -- and most overlooked -- keys to success. This bonus module will help you create and implement effective, natural, authentic follow-up that creates more clients, and better yet, clients for life!

Did someone mention bonuses??? When you join Soulful Sales Code, you’ll also get access to these incredible bonuses...


Raise Your Money Thermostat! LIVE Group Energy Healing

This powerful group session is specifically designed to clear away -- for good! -- limiting beliefs and blocks that are having your personal “money thermostat” set too low! Have you noticed that you always seem to stay within a certain range of income, no matter what you do to try to change that? On this powerful group call, rather than focusing on sales, we’ll reset your overall money thermostat to allow increased abundance and prosperity into your life! ($297 value)


Boost Your Prices with Confidence: How to Powerfully Communicate New Pricing to Your Existing Clients -- Group Workshop

No matter how confident you feel, it can still be a little nerve-wracking and tricky to communicate to your existing clients that you are raising your prices. In this bonus workshop training, we will cover tried and tested strategies and techniques so that you can feel confident as you move forward growing your business and owning your own worth and the huge value you bring to others! ($197 value)

Are you ready to finally  break through the blocks that have been holding you back, and take your business to the next level -- making it a 6 figure or even 7 figure business?

Are you ready to go from frustration, insecurity, and failure around sales, to confidence, clarity, authenticity, and success?

Are you ready to meet the authentically YOU sales powerhouse you can be?

Total value: $2579

Your price: $997