Welcome Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioners!

  • Excited because you've found this powerful form of energy healing, and know it's the work you want to do to make your unique difference in the world?
  • BUT... a bit stuck and struggling trying to figure out how to create a real business that can support you and allow you to do this work you love so much?
  • You're not alone! Most energy healers need support to help you get going, get found, get confident, and get clients! And it needs to be the right support, too...

I'm Ann Hession, Certified Body Code Practitioner, medical intuitive, and heart-based sales expert. I've worked with Dr Brad for years, and know the power of The Emotion Code and The Body Code for changing lives -- the lives of our clients and our own!

I built a 6 figure energy healing practice in just over one year, and I'm here to help other practitioners and healers to create the success you want, doing the work you love!

Ann Hession

I offer a number of trainings and programs designed for healers, to help you create the success you want. 

Perfect Price Pointâ„¢, Referrals Made Easy, Transform Your Business with Group Programs, "More Sessions, Less Selling," the Soulpreneur Success Mastermind, and 3 day Live Online Event "Soul'd! The Heart and Soul of Sales for Healers."

Here's what other energy healers and EC/BC practitioners have to say about some of my programs:

"The exercises helped instigate changes in me from Day 1 going forward... which was utterly brilliant!"

"My confidence definitely increased. It brought clarity regarding the value that I bring to the client, and I feel comfortable and happy now to play about with the pricing with all my offerings -- I now feel empowered, excited and grateful"

"Best part was the boost I needed to confirm the value in the work that I am doing, and believe in myself. Throughout my various careers, I have been told numerous times, the only thing that is holding me back is me, that I need to see and believe in myself the way others do. This training has helped me to believe in myself."

"This PPP training has soared my confidence immensely. Getting clear on the value of the services I provide has allowed me to raise the price and feel comfortable doing so!"

"...this class was a shot in the arm for me. Loved it all . Clarity on my value. Confidence to get enlarging my client base!"

"This new approach has been 100% successful in getting new clients!"

To learn what programs are available now, and join the community of successful energy healers, I invite you to start with this free training:

"Sales Conversation Secrets: Heart-Centered Sales... made simple"

On Facebook? Please join me in the Sales and Success Conversations for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs group on Facebook -- see you there!

~ Ann Hession