The Healers' Guide to Soulful Success: 

FREE Live Workshop in June 2022 only!

Ann Hession

I can't wait to share this groundbreaking workshop with you -- and I promise you will never see yourself, your healing gift for the world, your business, and what's possible for you thsame way again!

Ask yourself: "What if I knew EXACTLY what to do next to make the biggest difference in my business?"

At the end of this workshop, you will, I promise!

Here's what other healers and heart-centered soulpreneurs like you have to share about attending this unique workshop:

"...there's nothing like this out there. This is amazing!"

"Oh, I wish I had known this a year and a half, two years ago, but really, it's perfect timing. This is such a well laid out comprehensive plan. If I had done this before, it would have saved me so many wrinkles, and stress."

“Today was fantastic! You know exactly where I am at and I haven’t found someone like you who gets that for me.”

"The visibility piece! You nailed that, that opened up so much for me!”

“Answer to a prayer. I could really see getting to exactly where I want to be, and that I can make my vision happen.”

The "Healer's Guide to Soulful Success" workshop represents over 30 years of my experience as a healer and soulpreneur... 

... distilled down for you

... so you can see your path

... know exactly where you are

... and know the next steps in both your inner and outer journey to create real success doing the work you love!

And I'm offering this workshop for a limited time absolutely free!

There are still two opportunities to attend this special 3 hour workshop in the next week, register below, and I'll see you there!

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"The Healers' Guide to Soulful Success" Live Workshop: Saturday, June 18, 12 - 3 PM ET

"The Healers' Guide to Soulful Success" Live Workshop: Monday, June 20, 6 - 9 PM ET

I promise you -- and your soul-inspired business -- will never be the same, and you'll know exactly what do to next to create success and make the difference you are here to make.

See you there!

Much love,