"Graceful Sales" 

Masterclass with Ann Hession

hosted by Kate Wolf

Kate Wolf, Founder of Spirited Business

    Ann Hession, Creator of the Soulful Sales Code

Is it really possible to be yourself, 

... coming from the heart and from service...

AND be effective at selling your wonderful offerings...

...without feeling fake, pushy or salesy?


Come learn how:

Graceful Sales Masterclass

Tuesday August 1st: 

1pm UK / 8am US Eastern time

You'll Discover:

  • 3 fundamental mistakes healers and heart-centered entrepreneurs make, that prevent them from creating a successful business that makes a real difference in the world!
  • How to spot those mistakes and easily avoid them, while remaining your own, authentic self
  • Simple, practical techniques and tools you can use right away, to start creating success now, regardless of circumstances or any limits you think are holding you back!

PLUS -- special bonus -- Ann will teach you her very best, simple, heart-based response when someone says "I can't afford it" or "That's too much" -- so you never have to be afraid to hear that again!!!

Graceful Sales Masterclass

Tuesday, August 1

1pm UK / 8am US Eastern time

Here's what past attendees have to say about the 

Ann's approach to heart-centered, graceful sales:

"I feel empowered already"

"It's so beautiful… and so opposite what we have learnt in the past to become a powerseller!!"

What a relief!! This is so much more ME!"

"Brilliant - been avoiding and pretending! and not knowing how to handle. Great!"

"I work all the time in an authentic heart felt way and yes this resonates so much"

""Staying authentic in sales, best way!"

"This training is like a breath of fresh air in a very stale room!"

Come find out why -- can't wait to see you there!

Graceful Sales Masterclass

Tuesday, August 1

1pm UK / 8am US Eastern time