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What is the Energy Healing Leadership Conference?

The Energy Healing Leadership Conference (EHLC) is a 3 day live online event April 3, 4, and 5, 2023, a conference and awards ceremony for energy healing practitioners, teachers, authors, enthusiasts, and leaders! 

What's the Energy Healing Extravaganza, and how can I participate as a Featured Practitioner?

Here's how it works:

The Energy Healing Leadership Conference (EHLC) will take place April 3, 4, and 5, and the Energy Healing Extravaganza will take place right after, from April 6 - 15.

All VIIIP ticket holders for the Conference will receive these extra benefits, all for just $97:

VIIIP Ticket Benefits:

  • Energy Healing Extravaganza! April 6 - 15 -- unlimited free sample energy healing sessions with a wonderful array of intuitives and energy healing practitioners!  (this is where you come in, if you would like to be one of the Featured Practitioners!)
  • Online Access to the full Conference Recordings
  • Access to special VIIIP interviews with Honorees and Speakers on the Future of Energy Healing
  • Two month FREE trial of the Savvy Soulpreneur Solution, all-in-one software suite for energy healers

What are the Extravaganza Featured Practitioners providing?

The Practitioners for the Extravaganza will provide ten -- or more! -- free sample 20 minute energy healing sessions for the VIIIP Conference participants, between April 6 - April 15.

Benefits of being a Featured Practitioner for the Extravaganza:

  • Personal and powerful Marketing to potential new clients: The best marketing you can do for your business is to meet and work with people who are already interested in -- even passionate about -- energy healing! 
    • Permission marketing -- every person who schedules a free sample session with you will first give permission for you to follow up with them after your session -- you will have their explicit permission to send them notes or follow up questions, add them to your email list, invite them to work with you 1-1 or sign up for your programs. (Please note each person can only book one sample session with a given practitioner during the Extravaganza)
  • Personal online listing -- every Featured Practitioner will be featured on the Extravaganza web page, with your picture, bio, and description of your wonderful work (templates for bio and description will be provided by the EHLC if needed)
  • Enrollment training -- we want this to be a big WIN for you in your healing practice, so included for all Featured Practitioners is a free training with Ann Hession, energy healer and heart-centered sales expert. This training will include best practices for conducting your free session in the ways to showcase the amazing difference you make, positively impact each client during the session, and have them leaning in and wanting more -- as well as tips for follow up after the session, to maximize your results in turning these sample sessions into paying clients. This training session will be recorded as well and you will have ongoing access to it
  • Templates to support you with your bio and session description -- learn best practices for an engaging and compelling brief bio and description of your amazing services!

Investment and Responsibilities of Featured Practitioners:

  • There is a fee of $97 to be a Featured Practitioner for the Extravaganza. This covers the administrative costs of gathering, posting, and promoting each practitioners' information, and promoting the Extravaganza itself, which we will be doing for you!


... your investment of $97 to be a Featured Practitioner ALSO includes all the benefits of a VIIIP ticket to the conference, with the exception of receiving the sample sessions from April 6 - 15 (since you will instead be providing them!). To be clear, your $97 investment to be a Featured Practitioner also covers your own (slightly modified) VIIIP ticket for the EHLC, including:

  • Ticket to the live online Energy Healing Leadership Conference April 3 - 5
  • The Conference recordings
  • Special VIIIP only interviews with the Speakers and Honorees on The Future of Energy Healing
  • Two month free trial of the Savvy Soulpreneur Solution, (all-in-one software solution for energy healers, with scheduler, payment, online forms and e-signatures, website, member site, landing pages, email list automation, all HIPAA compliance compatible!) 
  • Minimum number of sample sessions: Extravaganza Featured Practitioners must make a minimum of ten 20 minute sample sessions available between April 6 and April 15 for VIIIP participants -- and we recommend you make yourself available for many more, every one is a potential new client!
  • You must provide the EHLC with a photo, brief bio, and brief description of your sample session, no later than March 31
  • You must provide the EHLC with a scheduling link from your online scheduler to the special 20 minute sample session (create a specific appointment for this -- our support team will be happy to assist you with this)

Who is this for?

If you are an energy healing practitioner who wants to expand your reach and visibility and have the opportunity to build your energy healing practice with interested and committed clients, this is for you!

If you are as busy as you want to be with paying energy healing clients, and don't want more at this time, then this opportunity may not be for you -- instead you may want to attend the Energy Healing Leadership Conference with a general ticket or as a VIIIP yourself!

But if you are actively looking to gain new and interested clients, and want to the opportunity to expand your visibility, talk with more potential clients, and get some additional sales and enrollment training from an expert, we invite you to sign up as a Featured Practitioner for the Energy Healing Extravaganza, and let's change some lives together!

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