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"Is your Pricing working for you?" 

interview with Ann Hession

Best Selling Author, Heart-Centered Sales Expert, and Founder of the Soulpreneur Success Code

Debbie Hoffman

Debbie Hoffman

Ann Hession

Thursday October 27, 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET

Is your pricing -- and more importantly, your Relationship to your pricing --  lifting you up, or undermining your success?

Join us for this live interview to learn why coaches, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs HAVE TO have pricing they feel aligned and confident with -- it's more important for us than for any other kind of business owner, and not having it can be the biggest block to creating success doing the work you love!

Do you ever get "thrown off base" when someone asks a simple question like "What do you charge?"

Or even find yourself giving a lower price than you want to, and then asking yourself after, "Why did I DO that?"

Having a truly empowered and  confident relationship to your pricing is ESSENTIAL for all coaches, healers, and heart-based business owners...

...come come find out why your pricing may not be your friend right now, and how you CAN have pricing that you love, and your clients find irresistible!

Ann Hession is a heart-centered sales expert, who helps healers and soulpreneurs who have amazing gifts for the world but are “allergic” to sales and selling. 

As a medical intuitive and energy healer with over 30 years experience in transformational healing, and a sales expert who’s personally sold millions of dollars of products and services, she’s uniquely qualified to help heart-based business owners transform their relationship to sales, so they can confidently and easily grow their business without ever feeling fake, pushy, or salesy!

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Join us for this live interview, and learn how to have pricing that launches your success!

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