Could you be a Medical Intuitive?

Join us for this live interactive interview:

"Become a Medical Intuitive"

with internationally known author and medical intuition trainer 

Tina Zion

Monday, October 2 at 11am ET / 8am PT

I want to learn about becoming a medical intuitive with Tina Zion!

Ann Hession, Energy Healer, and Founder of the Soulpreneur Success Code

Tina Zion, internationally acclaimed expert in medical intuition, mediumship and energy healing.

Join me on October 1 as I interview

Tina Zion

 TINA M. ZION is a fourth generation intuitive medium. She teaches intuition and mediumship development and specializes in medical intuition development all over the globe. She is a registered nurse, a Gestalt trained mental health counselor and a clinical hypnotherapist.

Tina is a world-renowned author of three award winning books, Become a Medical Intuitive, Advanced Medical Intuition and Be Your Own Medical Intuitive. She is also the author of two Reiki books, The Reiki Teacher’s Manual and her latest Reiki and Your Intuition.

Come learn with Tina about the fundamentals of Medical Intuition, and how it can expand your health, your healing work, and your life!

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I want to learn about becoming a medical intuitive with Tina Zion!

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