Referrals Made Easy™ 


Soulpreneur Success Academy:

the perfect success package for Healers!

Attention Heart-Centered Healers and Coaches: 

Did you know that…

… client referrals are 4 times more likely to choose to work with you than leads from any other source?

and they are more likely to work with you longer, purchase more, and become lifetime clients or customers?

and let’s not forget this -- they’re usually free!

Yet despite all those incredible reasons to get referrals, let’s be honest -- asking for referrals can feel scary, and that's why most business owners aren't doing it. If that's you...

It’s okay…

You’re not alone (far from it, in fact!)

And it’s not your fault.

You just need a helping hand! And here it is:

Referrals Made Easy!

This in depth and detailed program is designed to transform your whole relationship to asking for -- getting tons of! -- ideal client referrals, pre-disposed to like and trust you and interested in working with you! 

I’m Ann Hession, a heart-centered sales expert AND an intuitive energy healer and coach.

I built a six figure energy healing practice in a little over a year...

... without expensive marketing, primarily through, you guessed it – simple referrals!

I really do get what’s holding you back, I’ve been there, and I promise you, you can have a successful business, doing what you love...

… even if you don’t have a fancy website, and

… without spending a penny on ads, and

… whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting out

In this program you’ll get everything you need to turn your heart-based business into a referral-generating machine!

Get started now, and grow your business with ideal clients fast!

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Because we all need support, feedback, and mentoring to achieve our greatest results, you also receive a BONUS 3 months free membership to Soulpreneur Success Academy -- live monthly group coaching and clearing session for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs! Recordings included.

Get live coaching and expert answers to your most pressing questions, how to sign the ideal clients you are looking for, and the best ways to grow a thriving 6 figure business doing what you love -- AND the intuitive coaching and energetic clearing to release subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back!

Referrals Made Easy: normally $297 

PLUS Free Bonus: 3 months Soulpreneur Success Academy (normally $157 per month $471)

Free with The Power of the Pause Challenge!

By clicking here, I agree to receive emails as part of accessing my training as well as follow-up tips & ongoing communication. I can cancel at any time.

"Before the training when I was asking for referrals, I was feeling shy, small, not deserving , scared, questioning myself, and it was not working ! Now I feel empowered, capable, deserving, crazy excited, I feel it can work, it will work and I won't have to struggle or lose sooooo much energy to get new clients!" ~Josee

"I built my energy healing business from zero clients to averaging 20 paying clients a week in 6 months, and 60% of those clients came from referrals, all from applying what Ann taught me in this program. It's just extraordinary!" ~Jessica

"I am newly inspired to build my practice, to speak to my clients confidently when it's appropriate about sharing their satisfaction with me and others as part of the referral process, and to let go of personal fears that were holding me back!" ~ Eileen

"The daily videos and worksheets were short enough to work into my schedule and relevant/thought provoking enough that they were really meaningful to me. I love the Heart Centered approach that takes the "pushy" feeling out of the process for me." ~Kristi

"I’ve hinted to clients about referrals but have never directly asked. Ann’s process simplifies it and takes away the ickyness of asking. Having Customers empowered to share the experiences and want to help others has empowered me to ask for referrals! Excellent training as always. Thank you so much Ann!"  ~Lee