Unlock a consistent 

6-Figure Income for Your Heart-Centered Business -- Fast!

The KEY: Design irresistible and profitable programs to transform your clients’ lives...

...and YOUR income

Is it really possible to create a steady stream of income for your heart-centered business and stop being on an income roller coaster?

Yes! And you’re about to discover exactly how, step by step…

Why is it that so many heart-centered entrepreneurs like coaches and healers struggle to make ends meet – getting stuck in a painful cycle of getting a couple of new clients (yay!), only to lose a few the next week (oh no!)?

...and end up doubting themselves, wondering if it's worth the struggle, and feeling they'll never create the success they want with their business... ?

Hello awesome heart-centered business owner,

If you’ve ever struggled to overcome an invisible glass ceiling in your income and your impact, this may be the most important letter you ever read.

I’m going to share with you exactly how to keep your clients longer and grow your business more easily and reliably than ever before, but before I do, there are a few important questions for you to answer…

  • Is there a part of you that feels like you’re never going to be successful in your business and you might have to go get a “real” job again?
  • Have you ever felt like people don’t understand how you can help them and don’t work with you because of it?
  • Do you ever wish you could solve your clients’ most difficult problems more easily?
  • Have you found it difficult to sell more than one or two sessions to people, which makes it nearly impossible to get great results for them?

Then I want you to know something really important:

You’ve been taught an outdated and limiting model of only offering your amazing services through individual sessions and session packages.


This is not your fault.

No one ever told you there was another way, and showed you how to create irresistible programs that will have your potential clients scrambling to sign up!

Hi, I'm Ann Hession, founder of the Soulpreneur Success Code and I'm a heart-centered entrepreneur just like you. I'm an energy healer, an intuitive coach and Heart-Centered Sales expert, with millions in sales of my own and others' heart-centered programs and services in the last few years alone. I've created several successful businesses and built a solid 6 figure+ income for myself by thinking outside the box, going to experts to acquire the skills I needed, and always learning from the best!

Ann Hession

And I'd like to introduce you to Jenny Rawlings, an amazing coach, healer, and business strategist I've had the good fortune to work with for almost ten years. While serving as the President of the Business Coaching Division for bestselling author Robert G. Allen, Jenny authored, designed and implemented several group sales and marketing training programs for coaches. She duplicated this success for bestselling author Dr. Bradley Nelson with a group business coaching program for energy healers certified in The Emotion Code™ and the Body Code™. She is an expert in helping heart-centered entrepreneurs to transform their passion into highly successful businesses.

With our combined experience building our own businesses, and helping hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs over the past 11 years shift their offerings to easy-to-sell transformational life-changing programs, we can confidently tell you that this is a game-changer.

So what do we mean by programs? 

... and why is it such a game changer?

The biggest challenge for most coaches, healers, and similar heart-centered entrepreneurs is helping people to really see the value of what you do right from the beginning.

Whether you sell a single session or a package of five, you are in the model and mindset of only selling what you offer in the form of sessions. This causes people to think about how much you are charging per unit of time and value your offering only as a “Session Value”.  You can see this in the way you both talk about it:

They ask questions like "How much is a session?" And you tend to talk about working with you as "I charge $X per session."

And if you sell packages of sessions, your clients expect that the cost per session HAS to be less when they buy a package. Otherwise, WHY would they do it? So it’s still all in that old model that values what you do by the time and the number of sessions and the length of those sessions.

Being stuck in a mindset of “session value” prevents people from connecting with and seeing the REAL VALUE.

What they are really paying for is the value they get—the result they get from working with you!

Before we go any further...  there’s absolutely nothing wrong with selling sessions and packages of sessions! There will always be clients who want to do it that way, and you will likely keep doing that too...

… But there is another way!

When you learn how to sell the amazing work you do as a program, that’s been designed for and has a specific targeted result that you have produced for others, you’ll discover, as so many others have before you…

…that people will see more value and will pay more for your program

than they would ever pay for just a package of sessions!

Which allows you to bring in more income in less time, while simultaneously getting even better results for your clients.

And here's the great news -- it's much easier than you think, once you know how!

Here's one example...

... a personal trainer who enjoys working with people who want to get fit and lose weight, might currently be offering two things:

  • private sessions with people at the full price of $97
  • AND a starter offering 3-for-1 package deal trying to lure in new customers.

In her 3-for-1 session package, the personal trainer would have to spend three sessions with this person for the price of one, in an attempt to get people to continue working with her at her regular session price afterwards. 

Some people would continue on and others wouldn’t, and the personal trainer would end up spending a lot of time not making money whenever someone bought her 3-for-1 session package. YUCK!

Can you relate?

On the other hand, if the personal trainer created an irresistible program called something like 90 Days to Perfect Abs, her experience getting new clients would be totally different:

The people who were attracted to her program would be interested in looking great in their bathing suit and truly desire to have perfect abs. She could still offer six private 1/2 hour sessions to her new clients as part of her 90 Days to Perfect Abs program, but she would also add in a couple of other exciting extras. Some examples are:

  • a video workout that would help tone your abs between private sessions,
  • a gift certificate for a complimentary massage that her friend was offering,
  • or a tipsheet for maintaining your perfect abs long-term, etc. 

With raving testimonials from previous participants who had indeed accomplished their goal of “Perfect Abs”, she would easily sign people up for this 90 Day program and be able to charge well more than her session rate for it—maybe $597 for only three hours of her time!

Now she could get new clients more easily PLUS she wouldn’t have to lose money on their first month working with her. In fact, she would make $500 more!

PLUS, once her clients experienced these great results in her Perfect Abs program, they would be more interested in trying something else that she offered, like “90 Days to Your Perfect Butt”, which would allow her to have more consistent income and not always be looking for new clients.

Over 30% increased income from one program!

An ayurvedic practitioner we worked with was in practice for 30 years when she attended our workshop. She had been offering a 7-day detox program as part of her services for years, but didn't really focus on
selling it. After our workshop, she sold the heck out of her detox program with the skills and program model she learned.  Even though she had a successful business and had already been in practice for 30 years, her income increased by 30-40%!  She also created a new program during our workshop and sold three
of those right away, which more than covered her investment in the program.

Offering programs is the key to creating a busy, reliable practice, that generates more income and better client results

with LESS marketing!

If you want to get off the income roller coaster and finally have a predictable and consistent stream of income without feeling like you won’t be able to pay your bills next month, or wondering if this is even worth the struggle it’s been for you, we have a special invitation for you.

We are so committed to help heart-centered entrepreneurs to be successful, that we’ve create a program specifically designed to help you create irresistible programs so you can keep your clients longer.


"Boost Your Income with Heart-Centered Programs that Sell"

A workshop to transform your business for good!

This one-day LIVE online workshop combines the Two Essentials for true transformation of your business:

  •  Detailed training on nuts and bolts step-by-step program-creation essentials that EVERY entrepreneur needs to know, including the 3 types of irresistible programs you can create for your clients, and
  • “Inner Game” transformational live energy clearing designed to Identify and permanently clear away the biggest limiting beliefs and other subconscious limitations that have you...
    • charging way less than you’re worth
    • struggling to effectively convey the amazing value of what you do
    • insecure or nervous about giving your pricing and making your recommendations to prospective clients
    • worried about how people will see you
    • reluctant to offer longer programs or packages
    • beating yourself up when a client quits after only two sessions

You’re going to walk away from this powerful workshop with the rare ability to create a client experience that even your toughest prospects will be eager to say YES to.

Transform your experience of selling your services from frustration, failure and “1 step forward 2 steps back” to confidence, clarity, lasting success and yes, even 6 figure results!

Here's exactly what you will get in Boost Your Income with Heart-Centered Programs that Sell:


Live Online Workshop Training on the 3 Irresistible Program Types

You will learn the three types of irresistible programs that you can create for your business, including:

  • Why they work
  • How to create them
  • Exactly what to include in them
  • What to charge for them, and
  • How to sell them!
  • By the end of the Workshop, you will design at least one program for your audience

($697 value)

"My business is thriving and I’m ready to launch a whole new coaching program 

...that is the truest reflection of my deepest purpose that will have the most impact in the world of anything I’ve ever done. I'm ecstatic! The training that Jenny created is fantastic. Jenny is thoughtful and caring in how to really help you succeed. And she explains everything step by step, so I never felt overwhelmed or confused about what to do next. Her guidance was essential to my success.”

~ Rebecca Valetutti

I’ve been in practice for 30 years, and since doing this training, my healing business has increased 30-40%.

All kinds of things are happening — I have an invitation to speak, I have had a lot of new referrals, and I sold three programs I created.

This is the busiest fall I have ever had! The training gave me an authentic formula to market myself, and I’m looking forward to developing all the tools you’ve offered and continuing to grow my practice.

Ivy A.

Ivy A.

Group Energy Healing/Clearing Module

This one-day workshop includes a live group energy healing/clearing module with Ann Hession, your dedicated Intuitive Energy Healer and Heart-Centered Sales Maven! We will identify and permanently clear away the blocks holding you back from business and program success including:

  • Subconscious limiting beliefs about money, wealth, offering programs, and success!
  • Trapped emotional baggage stuck in your body at the cellular level
  • Cascades of emotions that cause your stress and discouragement to escalate out of control
  • Inherited limiting beliefs and patterns from before you were even born (family / cultural blockages)
  • Emotional trauma/beliefs you may have absorbed or taken on from others 

  ($397 value)


Palatable even for people who maybe never would have thought of energy healing...

The way Ann implements the energy clearing is wonderful! It’s so needed and so helpful, I always felt lighter, and the way Ann explains it and walks you through what’s happening, it’s not super woo woo, it was palatable even for people who maybe never would have thought of energy healing helping them in their business. I loved that it worked without me having to do anything!

~ Laurel W.

Worth the price of the whole program…

Although it was done in a group, everything Ann cleared felt like it was just for me. Her intuition was amazing! It cleared up this huge black cloud I didn’t even know I was in. That one clearing alone was worth the price of the whole program.

~ Gloria Goodwin


Exclusive “Boost Your Income with Heart-Centered Programs” Facebook Group

A private Facebook group exclusively for you and other heart-centered entrepreneurs in the Boost Your Income with Heart-Centered Programs that Sell program. This is where you can continue to get feedback, float new ideas, share and be supported and offer support with other entrepreneurs as we create breakthrough after breakthrough together! You’ll continue to have access to this private group after the workshop and this continued community, support, and connection with other heart-centered entrepreneurs focused on contribution, positive action, solutions, and success can always be a wellspring of inspiration for you when you need it the most! (priceless)

Expanding Program Success For Life!

You'll have lifetime access to the recording of the live workshop and all program materials, to review and expand your mastery any time you like, and to create more and more programs whenever you want to expand your business even more!


Did someone mention bonuses??? When you join Boost Your Income with Heart-Centered Programs that Sell, you’ll also get access to these incredible bonuses...


Bonus Training Module: 7 Ways to Keep Clients for Years!

Keeping clients long-term is one of the most overlooked keys to success in any coaching or healing practice. Even with a program, some entrepreneurs STILL can’t keep clients. This bonus module will help you to create and implement effective, natural, authentic client retention strategies that will help you keep clients for life!

($297 value)


Raise Your Money Thermostat! LIVE Group Energy Healing

This powerful group session is specifically designed to clear away -- for good! -- limiting beliefs and blocks that are having your personal “money thermostat” set too low! Have you noticed that you always seem to stay within a certain range of income, no matter what you do to try to change that? On this powerful group call, rather than focusing on sales, we’ll reset your overall money thermostat to allow increased abundance and prosperity into your life! ($250 value)


Soulpreneur Success Academy – 6 months access for free!

After completing your workshop and creating your first program, you’re invited to this live monthly group call with Ann Hession, founder of the Soulpreneur Success Code. On these live calls you can bring your toughest problems in your business for feedback, coaching, and support!

($282 value)

Are you ready to finally break out of the outdated model of only offering single sessions and session packages, and create the freedom, stability, and increased income that comes with your own targeted, high value programs?

Are you ready to go from frustration, insecurity, and failure around signing new clients and growing your business, to confidence, clarity, authenticity, and success?

Are you ready to experience how amazing it feels to know you've created true and lasting success doing what you love?

Total value: $1923

Your price: $387 

or 2 payments of $237