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"Stop Getting Ready and Start Making Money!"

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Getting Paid NOW for What You Love to Do

Live Interactive Workshop

Join me:

Thursday, August 3  

11am ET / 8am PT

In this interactive workshop training, you'll learn what's been missing between loving what you do, and being paid well -- and regularly! -- for doing it!


… Of all the things you could be doing in your business, which actions ACTUALLY generate revenue, and which don't!

(Spoiler: you're probably doing too many of the wrong actions, and not enough (or maybe any) of the right ones!)

… What "being clickable" means and why it's ESSENTIAL for having a real income doing your amazing work

… the SINGLE most important thing you have to do to start making a living as a healer or coach NOW -- that's right, there's ONE thing that's more important than anything else, and it's not what you think!

Thursday August 3, 11am ET / 8am PT