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"The F.I.X. Code: Ancient Gene Technology Remembered"

Tuesday November 14 at 6pm ET / 3pm PT

Stacey Nye, Master Trainer for Ancient Gene Technologies and The F.I.X. Code Global

Ann Hession, Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, and Founder of the Soulpreneur Success Code

Join me on November 14 as I interview

Stacey Nye of The F.I.X. Code

 The F.I.X. Code Technique is innovative – a brand new healing modality that allows people to disconnect fear, anxiety, negative emotions from their life, quickly––almost effortlessly!

 A message from Stacey: "We believe The F.I.X. Code Technique is changing the world. Anyone can learn to do this - the simplicity of the process and knowing that you do not need to divulge any secrets, simply identify the way you feel about your problems, means future generations will be able to live without crippling emotional problems. And it is possible for us to live this way, now!"

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