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Are you a healer, wanting to create a truly successful business doing the work you love...

...but tired of trying to fit your intuitive, heart-centered, even "woo woo" self into business models, funnels, and "salesy' approaches that WEREN"T made for you, and will never really work for you?

It doesn't have to be that way.

There's a better way healers are using now to get wonderful clients, a way that feels good, aligned, and authentic every step of the way.

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"The Heart and Soul of Sales for Healers"

3 day live online event 

exclusively for Healers!

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SOUL'D! Live Online Event

November 6, 7, 8, 2023

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Your "Healer Support Power Package" includes:

4 LIVE Group Energy Healing and Coaching Sessions before the Soul'd event, to get you ready and permanently clear away blocks and imbalances holding you hostage:

  • Session 1: Your Healer's Vision - where are you holding yourself back and not believing in yourself and your dreams?
  • Session 2: Self Worth and Self Sabotage - break free from the hidden beliefs and patterns from the past
  • Session 3: Money and Abundance Blocks - learn my exact process for clearing blocks to financial success
  •  Session 4: Promoting Yourself and Being "Known" - the courage to stop hiding - you can stand tall and flourish and make the difference you are here to make!
  • Recordings of these coaching and healing sessions will be available!

It's your time to flourish and grow!

I can't wait to share this powerful transformational experience with you! I promise you and your healing business will never be the same...

Soul'd! will give you the skills, freedom, and empowerment to sell your amazing services with ease, from a place of total authenticity and heart connection. Soul'd is an empowering space, a magical environment of support, skill building, expansion, and transformation, within a safe community of your fellow healers, so you can grow, expand, and breakthrough to the thriving and vibrant healing business waiting for you!

What is Soul'd?

“SOUL'D!" is a three day live ONLINE event exclusively for Healers!

Come hone your skills and dive deeper into Heart-Centered Sales, and discover how healers are already using heart-centered, soulful sales to...

... have prospective clients leaning in to work with you

... so you never have to dread a sales conversation again!

How to turn "selling" (hard and scary) into "Sold" (so much easier!) and even into "Soul'd!" (you'll love this :-)

Learn the Energetics of Sales, so you can tune in to the conversation in a whole new and intuitive way and easily meet people exactly where they are... 

... where invitations are easy, effortless, and never feel pushy or uncomfortable.

It's all about understanding the "woo woo" of sales, that makes all the difference in the sales of your wonderful "woo woo!"

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November 6, 7, 8, 2023

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" ... this event is truly transformational and worth every penny! The knowledge and change that occurs comes from a heart centered place and is truly needed. You don’t want to miss out!"

Kelsey Hentzen,

"Don't delay in signing up, it will be the most comprehensive class you will take.

You get a blueprint which includes every aspect of your healing business. It's easy to follow." 

Linda B Riddle, Transformational Coach Energy Healer  

"Do it, do it, do it - but make sure you can commit the time to go in fully!"

Kate Foggo,

"I would highly recommend this because it gets past all the hype on the internet and really centers on how to connect with people from your heart with confidence and feeling safe."

Marsha Greene,

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