For Healers and Soulpreneurs:

Is it really possible to be yourself, 

... coming from the heart and your most authentic self...

AND be effective at selling your wonderful offerings...

...without feeling fake, pushy or salesy?


…and that’s exactly what you’re about to learn…

There’s a super common mistake that most healers and
soulpreneurs make right at the beginning that kills off what could be an amazing enrollment conversation before it even gets started – and you are probably doing it every time.

In fact, it’s kind of like a trap your prospective client is setting for you, without even meaning to!

Mastering even just this one piece of the conversation can have a HUGE impact on enrolling new clients who are eager to work with you and growing your business with confidence, alignment, and authenticity.

I’m Ann Hession, I’m an intuitive coach and energy healer and also a sales expert with millions of dollars in sales to my name, and I want to help YOU to stop sabotaging your sales conversations before they even get started! 

That's why I created this free guide, "Sales Conversation Secrets: Heart-Centered Sales... made simple" -- and in this heart-centered sales training guide you'll learn how to:

  • Spot the “trap” your prospective customers or clients are setting for you – even though they don’t know they are doing it!


  • Use a simple and intuitive process to turn that “trap” into a natural, authentic, and enrolling conversation, that will:
    • Help you (and your prospect) naturally explore whether you are a good fit – without any pressure
    • Get you high quality referrals, even from those people who aren’t a fit for you themselves
    • Stop you from talking too much and then seeing their eyes start to glaze over (tell the truth, we’ve all done it!)
    • Let you know exactly what they need to hear to say “Yes!” to exploring working with you further
    • Give you a natural and graceful way to transition the conversation from a simple expression of interest to a true sales conversation that THEY want to have with you!

Once you learn this simple process, you’ll be amazed how natural it feels to start a 100% authentic and confident conversation with your prospective clients – and create a heart-centered connection with them before you even start working together!

You can begin your truly soulful success TODAY – download this free guide and start now!:

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