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The only way Sales truly works ...for Heart-Centered Soulpreneurs

Yes, Ann, I’m ready for a Sales Transformation!

I understand that in this powerful live workshop January 17 and 24, I'll get:


My Own Customized Heart-Centered Sales Conversion Conversation -- the most important sales tool you need in your business!

Personalized to you and your unique business

($900 value)

… it’s not magic or mysterious, there’s a formula here, it’s art and science. My conversations are so easy now!"

       ~Susan Rolfe


Addressing Objections from the Heart

The simple and relationship based solution to addressing and resolving the three most common objections that keep people from stepping into YES!

($750 value)

It couldn’t be easier!  This new approach has been 100% successful...

 This new approach has been 100% successful in clients booking a session with me and purchasing multiple session packages. It couldn’t be easier!"

~ A. Wentz



Learn Ann's proprietary method for "reading the energy" every step of your amazing heartfelt sales conversations, (this is the keys to the kingdom for heart-based entrepreneurs!) so you always know where to guide the conversation for deep service and success!  

($750 value)

Success rate went from 42% to over 90%!

I loved the approach of this program that focused on the inner game as well as sales skills. I’ve had a lot of sales training before, but the way Ann teaches was really different, relaxed, not like a formula but fluid. In fact, I’ve closed more sales on the first try than I did before the program. My closing ratio was at 42% previous, and it's over 90% after the program!"

~ Lori Y



-- the essential piece that's most often missed...!

Guided, Safe, and Mentored Practice Sessions for Soulful and Skillful Success

The safe and nurturing container needed for real and deep skills to develop, emerge, and last!

($500 value)


Energy Healing for Success and Transformation!

Deep energetic healing at every step of the sales experience, clearing of trauma and subconscious limiting beliefs including:

• Success blocks

• Self Worth and Self Confidence limits

• Imposter Syndrome

• Fears of Success, Failure, Judgement, and more!

($1200 value)


I'll get ongoing access to the recordings of the workshop


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Raise Your Money Thermostat! LIVE Group Energy Healing

This powerful group session is specifically designed to clear away -- for good! -- limiting beliefs and blocks that are having your personal “money thermostat” set too low! Have you noticed that you always seem to stay within a certain range of income, no matter what you do to try to change that? On this powerful group call, rather than focusing on sales, we’ll reset your overall money thermostat to allow increased abundance and prosperity into your life! ($250 value ... or priceless if you think about it!))


6 Months Soulpreneur Success Academy

Six months of ongoing support and coaching -- "Ask me anything" about your business -- PLUS -- deep energy clearing and mindset transformation, to unlock your biggest blocks to soulful success doing the work you love!

 (6 months = $942 value)

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