Attention Healers & Soulpreneurs!

Tired of Feeling Fake, Pushy, and Salesy?

Sell with Heart & Authenticity!

Discover the "trap" killing your sales conversations and learn how to turn it into a powerful connection (even if you're an empath or introvert).

Are you a healer, coach, or soulpreneur who struggles with sales conversations?

You're not alone. Many heart-centered individuals feel they need to compromise their authenticity to be successful.

In this FREE guide, you'll discover:

  • The hidden "trap" that sabotages most sales conversations before they even begin (and how to avoid it!)
  • Turn that trap into a natural, authentic, and enrolling conversation that feels good for everyone involved.
  • Stop feeling like you're talking at a wall and learn how to truly connect with your potential clients.
  • Discover the exact words to use to guide your clients towards a "yes" while staying true to your values.

Start connecting with your clients on a deeper level and watch your sales soar!

“Before I met Ann, I felt like it was just me, I had a vision but I didn’t know how I was going to do that and get the results I wanted. I lacked confidence and I lacked paying clients! Now I have so much more confidence in myself, and it shows because I also have paying clients now!”

“I’d worked with coaches before but it felt like they were just giving me the same advice they gave everyone. Having the guidance from Ann is different. She understands me, where I am and what I need at a deeper level.”


I’m not good at sales. Will this work for me?

This guide is specifically designed for heart-centered individuals who find traditional sales methods inauthentic. It’s all about connecting, not convincing.

I’m worried about being pushy or manipulative.

This approach focuses on authentic communication and building genuine relationships with your clients. There’s no pressure or manipulation involved.

Is this just a bunch of fluffy "woo woo" stuff?

This guide combines the power of intuition and heart-centered connection with proven sales strategies. It’s both practical and powerful.

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