"Get it Done!"

     Launch Your Healing Business in One Week

Yes, Ann, it's TIME to get it DONE and get paid!

$1997 Paid in Full

or 4 easy payments of $587

This Program is limited to twelve participants -- 

Update June 21: ONE SPOT LEFT!

Results Guarantee:

We’re here to help you change your business and your life. We firmly stand behind the integrity and value of The ”Get it Done” Launch Your Healing Business in One Week program and our reputation as a leader in this industry. So here’s the deal. If you complete all components of this program, including the 6 months of follow up support, and have not created a minimum of 10 paying clients in that time, we will work with you individually until you do! Guaranteed.

"Get it Done!" Launch your Healing Business in One Week includes:

Done With You: Client Generator Email Template – written and sent to ten people Day One!

Done With You: Your own compelling answer to “What do you do?” and Branding Message

Done With You: Set up your online scheduler, or review and optimize it for best results if you already have yours 

Done With You and For You: Online funnel to invite people to a free Consult with you, including:

  • "Lead Magnet" free gift for you to offer -- we'll help you create it!
  • Landing page for people to sign up for your gift and join your list -- we'll set it up for you!
  • Autoresponder to deliver your gift and five nurture emails inviting them to schedule with you -- we'll set it up for you!

Done With You: 3 Compelling testimonials completed and professionally formatted with graphics

Done With You: We create a new professional online presence for you:

  • Optimized Google Business Listing, or
  • Facebook Page or Instagram Profile

Your Free Consult -- Ann's proven Client Converting Format

Done For You: A beautiful professional logo OR branded social media graphic

Done For You: Beautiful Professional Banner for website, Google Business Listing, or Facebook Page

Individual “Session Skills Assessment” with Ann Hession

Most of your Done For You items will be completed BEFORE the Workshop begins! We'll get it started right away once you sign up

Three "Get it Done!" Immersion Workshop Dates:

Day 1: Wednesday June 26, 11am - 6 pm ET

Day 2: Friday June 28, 11am - 6pm ET

Day 3: Tuesday July 2, 11am - 5pm ET


I'll get ongoing access to the recordings of the workshop


Access to these powerful bonuses

when I join today, including 6 months of follow up support!:


6 Months Soulpreneur Success Academy

Six months of ongoing support and coaching -- "Ask me anything" about your business -- PLUS -- deep energy clearing and mindset transformation, to unlock your biggest blocks to soulful success doing the work you love!

 (6 months = $942 value)


Referrals Made Easy: 5-Day Business Breakthrough!

My step by step online program to create a stream of client referrals

What to say, what to do, and how to make it easy and effective for your clients to refer their friends and family to you

$297 value


Perfect Price Point™

Struggling with what to charge for your amazing services?

Powerful proprietary process to create aligned pricing you can feel confident about – no matter what!

$297 value


Irresistible Testimonials Made Easy

Attract your ideal clients naturally with magnetic and compelling testimonials!

Simple foolproof system for getting the BEST testimonials easily and fast

And how to use them to sign more clients faster

$197 value


Two Step Offer on Social Media - recorded training with Marketing Specialist Virginia Parsons!

•Step by step proven process for how to do an effective “Two Step” Offer on Facebook or other social media

•How to use to to get quality leads reaching out to you

•Online “Map” you can reference again and again to create success with your free offers!!!

$500 value

Total value $9130

Get started now for just $587, then 3 additional payments of $587 each

or save $351 and

pay in full, $1997 today

June 21 update: One Spot left in this program, limited to 12 participants

"I sent out the ten emails, and I got six responses in a few days and four of them booked paid sessions – in less than a week!

It was amazing!

What would I say to a healer who’s looking at this opportunity? I would say, give yourself the chance to experience success, to get it done and see that you can really do this.

Work with this beautiful amazing woman who just shares everything she does – whatever she shares with you, is real. It happens. It’s not just talking about something, it’s real."

~ Elinda Rau, Albany, New York

"Working all together in such a small group, it was amazing how much I got done in just two days, and not just any “stuff” but things that actually got me results –

I already got two paying clients in about a week just from the work we did together those two days!

Taking the time to write and send those emails to clients – I just would not have done that on my own – and I got a client booking a paid session with me from the very first one I sent out!"

~ Dominique O’Brien,  Carlsbad, CA

"In the first couple of weeks after the two day workshop I already have:

• Half a dozen clients scheduling paid sessions with me

• People are finding me online and reaching out to me

• My business is listed number 1 on Google in my area for “energy healer”

• I’m showing up on social media in a way I never did before and people are responding

• I’m reaching out to previous clients (which I NEVER did before) and they are saying yes and booking sessions!"

~ Aparna Raghavan, Virginia

Total value $9130

$1997 Paid in Full

or 4 easy payments of $587