There's never been a better time in the world to THRIVE as an energy healer! 

You're invited to:

Empowered Healers: Visibility, Abundance, and Inspired Guidance

Monday October 30th: 

6 - 8pm UK time / 2 - 4pm US ET

Come learn how healers are succeeding now from our three special speakers:

Ann Hession, energy healer and heart-centered sales expert 

Ann has been an energy healer and transformational coach for over 30 years. She built a 6 figure energy healing practice herself, and is dedicated to helping healers make their unique difference in the world and create thriving businesses doing their powerful healing work.

Come learn from Ann how healers can connect from the heart and invite people to work with you without feeling awkward or “salesy” but instead authentic, empowered, and real!

Kate Wolf – founder of Spirited Business

Kate went from being a professional clown to a six-figure entrepreneur, and along the way trained and worked as an energy healer…. Kate is an absolute delight, and I think you’re going to love her and her wisdom!

Come learn how to access your deep magic and articulate your healing message and offering to attract your “just right” clients!

Maggie Rose Cunningham, coach, trainer, and shaman 

You are a magical being -- even in a world that may not recognize magic!

Come learn about the five magical pathways of:




Mystic,  and


And how to discern which one is your most natural path to walk, and which ones it would serve you to strengthen for your most fulfilled and magical life!

Monday October 30th: 

6 - 8pm UK time / 2 - 4pm US ET

You'll Discover:

  • How to avoid the biggest mistake most healers and intuitives make when people ask about your wonderful work - -and exactly what to say instead!
  • How to connect to your own unique magic and create a message that resonates and attracts your ideal clients like a magnet
  • The five magical pathways of magical beings -- that's you! -- and which path is your strongest and most aligned to create your most extraordinary life

As healers we need to know what makes our work unique, we need to know how to articulate that in the world, and we need to know how to convert interested people into paying clients

This two hour experience will do all of that for you and more, sign up now!