Community Energy Healing: 

Certified Facilitator Program

...create more healing and income by serving more people!

Ever dreamed of offering your own group programs, and providing access to energy healing in group programs and events, in addition to your one to one work?

It's a game changer, not only for you, but for your clients, for enhancing your gifts and skills, and for creating a truly successful and sustainable healing business!

This live online Certification training includes:

1) Facilitating Community Energy Healing:

  • How to use your 1-1 energy healing skills to facilitate powerful healing in a group setting
  • Practice sessions using your energy healing skills in small group settings, with feedback and support
  • How to facilitate group processes and healing in a community / group setting
  • How to effectively lead compelling discussion and create engagement 
  • How to choose topics and create exercises to maximize peoples' results and participation
  • How to create a strong sense of community and connection for a safe and empowering healing environment
  • Step by step process to guide you in designing the format, focus, and topic for your first group offering (there are lots of options!)

2) Creating, Promoting, and Filling Your First Program/Event with Paid Clients:

  • The exact technology needed to promote, take payment, and deliver your group offering – I promise we will keep it simple, but you do need this, and I don’t want you to have to figure it out on your own!
  • Best practices for Consent and Disclaimer Forms for group programs
  • How to use group programs and offerings to also build and fill your 1-1 energy healing practice
  • Promotion: How to promote and fill your first group “beta” offering/program with paid participants, including
    • Who to invite, how and when to invite them
    • Proven process to create your invitation, including templates to help you craft a message that works for you
    • 10 additional ways to increase enrollment in your group offering!
    • Best practices – tips, tools, and strategies to get the best results, have everything run smoothly, add higher value for your clients without additional cost to you, and more
    • Action Plan to get you launched quickly!

3) Certification in your new Community Energy Healing Facilitation Skills

  • Written Examination: You'll be thoroughly trained in how to facilitate community energy healing events in the live trainings, and then you'll take and pass the Certification Exam
  • Practical Examination: We'll put together your first "beta practice" event for you! After completing the training and passing the written exam, we'll have you lead a community session where you'll facilitate discussion, do energy healing with the group, create a safe and welcoming space, and provide a valuable and healing experience for your participants. You won't need to find people to participate, we'll do that for you as part of your certification process.


Full price for this Certification Program is


Special offer extended thru February 10 2024

$300 discount (!), just $597 to enroll now, click the button below to get started:

Or start right now for just $373.50, and one additional payment of $373.50

Workshop Dates (recordings included):

Day 1: Wednesday February 14, 2024  10 - 5 ET

Day 2: Wednesday February 28, 2024  10 - 5 ET

Pay in Full Bonus:

One to One Session with your program leader, Ann Hession, to provide feedback and coaching for your success.

Get individualized coaching on using your healing skills in community, and help creating your unique offer!

What can it mean for your and your healing business to offer group programs?

Adding even one group offering to what you do now can help you...

 ...reach and help more people

...have an even greater impact to fulfill on your healing purpose

...and significantly increase your income for the great value you bring

... while doing the work you love so much to do!

Not sure if you're ready? As long as you are already an energy healer, and you want to learn to facilitate energetic healing work in a group setting and expand your business -- you're ready!

Here's what people have to say about the difference Ann's trainings on group programs have made in their lives and businesses:

"I had experienced some energy healing in a group setting and I thought it was revolutionary, and wanted to know how I could learn to do that. So when I saw the opportunity to attend this training, I just had to do it, I even gave up my vacation time because I didn’t want to miss it!

The training was really comprehensive, giving us time to actually practice energy healing in small groups, which was invaluable, but so much more. I really thought that was all it was going to be, but Ann covered so much more, how to set up your whole program, and talk about it with people, and get paid clients into it too.

I’m loving working with more than one person! One of the ways I’ve been using this is using the group dynamic working with and deleting food cravings. It’s been amazing, and I’ve been finding that people get results that really last, when I check in months later they still have those cravings gone, so I know this really works. It’s so cool, and has opened up a whole new world for me."

~ Holly Pitas,

"A big reason why I decided to do this workshop with Ann is because I know that one on one sessions will give me a certain amount of income, but in order to scale it and be able to serve and help more people, I needed to be able to do work with groups as well, but I had no idea how that worked, what it looked like, what kind of work would be involved in making that happen. So I was very interested in finding out how Ann ran things, because I've taken her courses before, so I know that she’s very clear, has great methodology and steps to follow.

I felt that the step by step instructions were extremely helpful. Starting out with, what is your offering going to be, how are you going to narrow down what you're going to give the people that are going to be in your group. So, I really like that. Just because then I know that I'm not missing anything, so I enjoyed that about all Ann’s courses, because they're very, very clear on the steps that you need to make to execute it properly.

This course has given me the tools so that I can move forward with confidence to come up with my own group healing program, and be able to help more people. I also really appreciated how she covered the tech part of it because I'm very tech deficient.

Before, I knew you could do it but I didn't know how, and this course gave me the knowledge and the training to be able to really do it, to help more people this way. It was awesome!"

~Yuu Bates, YuuB Energy Wellness

What will your amazing offering be?

Join us at this live interactive workshop and let's create it together!

$300 discount, only $597 until February 10!

for the 2 day live workshop, Certification process, worksheets, templates, and action plan!

Day 1: Wednesday February 14, 2024 10 - 5 ET

Day 2: Friday February 28, 2024  10 - 5 ET

INCLUDES Ongoing access to the recordings!