Energy Healers -- out to make a difference in the world, but struggle to get clients?

Let me help you break through the three biggest challenges healers face creating 

a successful healing business 

Clients on Demand:

Unlock the Flow of Abundance in Your Healing Business!

As a healer,

I want you to know you really can have a thriving business doing what you love, making the difference you want, without having to force your soul-inspired, maybe even “woo woo” self into models of business and marketing and selling that were not created for people like us – there’s a different path, and my passion and commitment is to help healers along that path so you can have that amazing healing business you envision, in a way that’s totally aligned and authentic to your healer’s heart.

I've spoken with thousands of healers over the past ten years,

and this is what they've told me are the 

 3 BIGGEST CHALLENGES holding them back:


Finding potential clients

"I don't know how to find interested people, I don't have anyone to talk to about what I do! How do I find people who are interested in what I have to offer?"


Self doubt and limiting beliefs

"Am I good enough?" "What if I don't deliver?" "Other people are better and more experienced than I am." "How can I charge for what I do?"  "I'm scared to let people know about what I do" 


Not knowing what to say to interested people so they say "Yes!"

"I don't know how to talk about what I do so people get it!"  "I don't want to be pushy or make people uncomfortable" "I end up just giving it for free because I don't know how to sell what I do!"

And that's why I created...

Clients on Demand: 

Unlock the Flow of Abundance in Your Healing Business 

It includes:

1) Client Flow Workshop 

In this interactive "Done with You" workshop, you'll learn my step by step process for generating a flow of referral clients, already pre-disposed to like and trust you, and interested in what you do! You'll learn the secret to finding the best clients, without spending a dime on advertising.

2) Healer Support Power Package Sessions

In a series of powerful live group energy healing sessions, we'll do DEEP healing on three of the biggest internal blocks and limitations energy healers need to overcome, to create YOUR success:

  • Session 1: Banishing Self Doubt and Self Sabotage 
  • Session 2: Clearing Blocks to Money and Abundance
  • Session 3: Healing Blocks to Promoting Yourself and "Being Known" as a Healer

3) Soul'd! The Heart and Soul of Sales for Healers

This is where we dive in deep, at the 3 day immersion event for energy healers! Live online May 20 -22, this is THE premier event, exclusively for energy healers. 

 Talking about what you do doesn't have to feel icky, pushy, or inauthentic -- ever!

There’s a new way to have those sales conversations… a proven, heart-based way that healers are already using to sign up new ideal clients every day! 

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It's your time! It's your time to break through, to finally make the difference you are here to make, and to be paid -- and paid well! -- for the incredible work you do.

You change lives with your work. Now it's time to change yours.

Client Flow Workshop: 

April 26 and 27, 11am - 2pm ET

Healer Support Power Package Sessions:

May 7, 2pm ET: Banishing Self Doubt and Self Sabotage

May 10, 2pm ET ET: Clearing Blocks to Money and Abundance

May 15, 12pm ET: Healing Blocks to Promoting Yourself and "Being Known" as a Healer

Soul'd! The Heart and Soul of Sales for Healers:

May 20, 21, 22

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