Looking for a thriving, fulfilling, enjoyable, and successful business doing the healing work you love so much to do and  make the difference in the world you’re here to make?

Learn how to have conversations that easily turn into happy paying clients with

New Client Accelerator Program

Designed to give you the exact support and structure you need to get what you want – new clients!

As a healer,

I want you to know you really can have a thriving business doing what you love, making the difference you want, without having to force your soul-inspired, maybe even “woo woo” self into models of business and marketing and selling that were not created for people like us – there’s a different path, what I call the healer and soulpreneur path, and my passion and commitment is to help healers along that path so you can have that amazing healing business you envision, in a way that’s totally aligned and authentic to your healer’s heart.

If that resonates with you, if you’re finding this heart-centered approach to business is calling to you, I invite you to take advantage of this special offer to join the New Client Accelerator Program

Here’s what your New Client Accelerator Program includes:

Sales Conversation Secrets Video Series

8 part training series that will guide you through the nuances of and help you master all the steps in the Sales Conversation Secrets training document

Sales Conversation Secrets Workbook

Your guide that will help you step by step through the whole training

"My Heart-Centered Sales
Conversation" Guide

Your personalized Guide to how to connect with people and invite them to work with you, without feeling fake, pushy, or salesy!

Soulpreneur Success Academy

This is a live 90 minute monthly group Q&A, Coaching, Support, and Energy Healing call with me to support you in creating your success.

Sign up for this special offer

Because you’ve hung in here with me, and shown you have a genuine desire and commitment to make a difference in the world through your healing work, you'll get

  • The Soulpreneur Success Academy which itself is normally $157 per month, making this three month membership a value of $471.
  • And the Sales Conversation Secrets training videos, plus the workbook and guide, that are valued at $297.

for only $97

$768 value